Viskum Snaps & Over Viskum Flower Shop

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Viskum Snaps  Flower Shop have a great experience in producing custom designed snaps/aquavit, with individual tastes.

Vesterskovvej 5

8830 Tjele

Viskum Snaps is a registered trademark.

Viskum Snaps produces spiced aquavit for resale and private.

You can buy Viskum Snaps in two different bottle sizes: 12,5 cl and 35 cl.

Are you interested in learning more about spiced snaps/aquavit, please contact us. We offer lectures incl. snaps tasting, coffee, tea and cake.

Other snap evenings can be arranged by appointment. 

Flower shop Over Viskum - shop with art, decorations and fresh and dried flowers.

Fresh and dried herbs for snaps, glasses and bottles with more for spices can be bought.

Special arrangements possible.

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Vesterskovvej 5

8830 Tjele

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