Pedal to the metal! At Djursland For Fuld Damp

Rent a cycle-trolley and get ready for a fun day. You can bike up to 17 km and experience the Danish nature from a new angle.

Experiences along the old railway 

Take the trip from the old station in Allingåbro and follow the old railway as far as you want to. You will see a part of Denmark rarely seen.

Enjoy the view of the landscape from the observation tower in Floes or stop at one of cycle-trolleys picnic spots, where you can enjoy your own food.

After driving around 8 kilometers on the railway, you are passing Randers Fjord Feriecentre. Here you can bring your own lunch or rest in Kærbo Café, where you can buy pizza, sandwiches, coffee/tea with cake, ice cream, cold drinks, and sweets.

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