The museum at Gammel Rye Mill

The Gammel Rye Mill and Clog Museum is a museum of local history and has been located at the old windmill of the village since 1991. In this museum you get a general view of the local history.

The mill was built in 1872 on a hill at the edge of the village and was a working mill right up to the mid 1980?s. It is known as a dutch windmill or a hat mill. Today the mill is exactly as it was when the miller left it and after a restoration of the main axle, it is again possible to see how the grain was milled in the old days.

Clogs (wooden shoes)

Because of the surrounding forests a considerable clog industry developed in the Rye area in the 19. century. In those days more than 186.000 pairs of clogs were sold per year. In every other house of the village lived a clogmaker who could produce 7-8 pairs of clogs a day. In our exhibition you can see the tools of the clogmaker and how they were used.

The middle ages

In the middle ages, Gammel Rye was the most important town of the area. It was owned by the monks of the nearby monastery of Øm, it had the Saint Sørens church that grew larger and larger because of the income it had from the large number of pilgrims that came to visit, it had its own jurisdiction and it had three annual markets.

Himmelbjerg souvenirs

They also have a remarkable collection of the original wooden Himmelbjerg souvenirs. These local handicraft products are a direct consequence of the clog industry. From Glarbo we have a collection of interesting glass relics from the late 16. century. The forests of Glarbo provided the fuel for this massive and rich glass production.

In 1935 an airfield was founded south of Gammel Rye. During the occupation in the second world war a german base was established at the airfield and after the war it was rebuilt into a refugee camp for german refugees from East Prussia. 12.000 refugees lived there 1945-48.

They have many interesting artefacts to show and the parts of the exhibition with the most text information have english translations. Welcome!

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