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Indoor playgrounds
The Legelandet.dk in Aarhus is the largest of King Garoo’s play-lands. In the huge 5,000-square meter area people of all ages can happily immerse themselves in a wealth of activities and amusements – no matter the weather.

Holmstrupgårdvej 18

8220 Brabrand

Lots of activities and amusements

Here there are exciting physical challenges, and also lots of terrific activities of a somewhat gentler nature. The Legelandet.dk is simply brimming over with activities and amusements for the entire family. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren engaging together in activity and play.

For all children

For the smaller children there is a bouncing mini-castle, a ball-playing centre, roller-coasters, push-cars, huge toy bricks, and much much more. For older children and playful souls of all ages there are roller-coasters and slides, bouncing castles, game machines, golf courses, and much more.

Take a break in the café from where you can watch the many activities. During the school holidays the Legelandet.dk is open all week.

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Holmstrupgårdvej 18

8220 Brabrand

Opening hours

02 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20


10:00 - 18:00

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