The building of Helligåndshuset (the holy spirits house) was started ca. 1434 as a convent for the helligåndordenen (the holy spirits order) where sct. Mortens Church was the functioning church connected to it. When the order where closed down after the reformation, the house was left to fall into disrepair. It ended up housing the school called Latinskolen.

Towards the ending of the 1800 hundreds, it was seriously considered to ta down the house, but it was instead decided to restore it at the instruction of architect Hack Kampmann. Afterword’s is became a library, tourist office, and today it is an exhibit and meeting building.

Sten Stensen Blicher who have a bust outside was a teacher at the Latin school, the bust next to it displays a bust of Henrik Pontoppidan, to remind people that the Nobel prize winner spent his you year in Randers, as the son of a preacher, that lived in Brødregade.

Today the house are used for concerts, exhibits, public meetings and many other things.