Grenaa-Anholt Ferry

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Ferry routes

Stenaterminalen 1, Grenaa

8500 Grenaa





A visit to Anholt often requires a boat trip with M/F Anholt. It takes about three hours to sail from Grenaa, on the mainland, to the Kattegat island - Anholt, located between Denmark and Sweden.

Both for those who are visiting for the first time, the Anholt-worshipers and the island's inhabitants, the sailing trip is a mental change. From the vibrant and hectic everyday life to the ultimate tranquility and nature scenarios with incredibly high ceilings.

The island is more or less car-free. The roads are few and vulnerable to heavy traffic. In addition, there are only approx. 5 km paved road on the island, so the preferred mode of transport is by bike or on foot. There are bike rentals at the harbor, nice taxi service, and good luggage transport on the island.

Anholt is a small community (the most isolated in Denmark) and the ferry is a vital lifeline to the mainland.

There is a good option for long-term parking at Grenaa Harbor.

Passengers: Reservations are required throughout the year.

Vehicles: Only space orders for cars and motorcycles belonging to the residents of Anholt, vehicles with commercial property at Anholt and registered invalid vehicles are received. The car deck is not very large, so goods and supplies to the island have first priority.

Cafe aboard

The café has a nice selection with eg. sausages, sandwiches, pies, stuffed pancakes, and other warm dishes / daily specials. In addition, ice cream, sweets, cakes, breakfast, soft drinks, specialty beer, and draft beer are sold in the café.


Stenaterminalen 1, Grenaa

8500 Grenaa




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