Funder Ådal Bed & Breakfast

Funder Ådal Bed & Breakfast is housed in the charming old grocery store by Funder Ådal's old station. The area is beautifully situated, with direct connection to good hiking and cycling routes - i.a. Den skæve bane and the Hærvejen (the ancient road).

Funder Ådal Bed & Breakfast's apartment consists of three double rooms, with associated kitchen and dining area, shared toilet and bath. The rooms each have their own entrance from the associated terrace overlooking the scenic area, consisting of; Fredsskov, Ådalen and the garden.

An extra room is available on the property's 1st floor. Dinner and / or lunch can be purchased for your onward journey.

Find your way

Funder Ådal Bed & Breakfast is an ideal accommodation option if you are walking on the Hærvejen or the Leaning Path. Here you find Funder Bed & Breakfast by turning off on the crooked track and then following the railway 3km to the east.

They speak Danish, German and English.  

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