The Frederiksbjerg Quarter

The popular district Frederiksbjerg is for connoisseurs and gourmets. Here you enjoy life to the full, and you owe yourself to pay a visit to the streets in Frederiksbjerg - M.P. Bruunsgade, Jægergårdsgade, and Frederiks Allé. Locally the area is called ‘the larder of Aarhus’ – and justifiably so.

From independent shops to local pubs, Frederiksbjerg got it all

Here you will find gorgeous specialist shops all offering high-quality foods, designs – and delicatessens – side-by-side with charming cafés, classic Danish pubs, and excellent eating places. You can also visit highly creative and cosy shops and studios with atmosphere - all places are running by dedicated people who guarantee you an authentic experience.

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