The Festival of Centuries

The Festival of the Century is a knowledge festival. With its mixture of knowledge, art, and culture, the festival each year turns the spotlight on a particular historical period to create a debate about the lives we live and the society around us. 

The theme for 2020

In 2020 The Festival of Centuries focused on the world we live in now and how we got here. The last 30 years were explored over 10 days.

The Festival of Centuries

The festival brings together scientists, artists, institutions, and fiery creative souls with a programme that is both creative and has an edge.

There will be salons, concerts, dinners, literary nights, films, and exhibitions presenting scientists, authors, musicians, and artists side-by-side. The focus is on knowledge, yet it is always with the cultural experience as a sensual spice.

The festival will skip 2021, but return in 2022. The program for 2022 has not yet been released.

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