The fairytale: “The Golden Shoe”. Chapter 1 Gudenå River

Photo: Gert Skærlund
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A fairytale about trolls, witches and knights as well as the things and places you can experience in our four adventurous areas.

Chapter 1: the Gudenåen, Uldum and Tørring area.

It was a lovely spring day at the Ancient Road, Hærvejen. The birds were singing in the treetops as Benjamin skipped along in the gravel, his dark hair bouncing along.
“Wait for me!” shouted Ella, Benjamin’s 8 year-old sister. Benjamin was 2 years older and very adventurous.
Mom and Dad lacked behind and suddenly a troll appeared before them, crying. Dad asked him why he was crying and the troll sniffled; “Someone took my golden shoe. Help me find it and I will give you silver and gold”. Benjamin clapped his hands excitedly, saying; “Let’s go!”

The family and the troll headed for the spring of the river Gudenå. Ella noticed three large concrete basins in the meadow and asked the troll about them. “They are the remnants of Denmark’s first water park. It once had diving boards, waterslides, a carousel, fountains and a gazebo. It closed after an accident in 1947”. They searched there for a while and then continued on, past a big flower park with breathtaking blooming rhododendrons.
They eventually reached a historic village museum in Hjortsvang. They asked the man there if he had seen a golden shoe. “No,” he said, “but take this with you on
your quest”. He handed an old axe to Dad and continued; “This is a special axe that kills ghosts”. They thanked him and went on in their quest.
They took a break on the bridge across the Gudenå, enjoying the canoes going into the water. Children and adults filled the air with their laughter and excitement. The family and the troll split up in two canoes and paddled along the river.

At Uldum Marsh they pulled the canoes up on the riverbank and continued through the national park on foot, enjoying the wildlife as promised by the canoe rental people.
“Why is the Gudenå so winding?” mom asked the troll.
“Well,” he said, “once there was a demigod named Gudar who kidnapped a beautiful girl named Else. Gudar tied her to his horse drawn wagon and to prevent followers, he steered the horses in twists and turns as they fled.
Else’s dad asked the wise man in Tørring to help him catch Gudar. First, the wise man sent the fire after Gudar. But he couldn’t control the fire and burnt his hands, so he gathered all the streams and creeks and wherever they went, their power ripped up the soil and created big valleys. Finally, the water reached Gudar, who drowned,
while Else and the horses were saved”. Ella laughed; “That was a funny story”, and mom agreed.

Their hike took them to an old Dutch windmill which grinded organic flour and functioned as a local history museum. The miller had not seen a golden shoe but
he gave them a mini version of the mill and whispered; “This can blow away any evil creature”. They thanked the miller for his kindness and continued on.
They found a cozy inn by the roadside in Korning and settled in for the night. During breakfast the next morning they asked the innkeeper if he had seen a golden
shoe. “No, not myself, but I’ve heard of a golden shoe further eastwards”. The troll jumped up; “Let’s go!”

To be continued.......



7160 Tørring

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