Café Mols Kafferisteri

Mols Kafferisteri

Take a break! Read the newspaper or simply just enjoy the pretty view from our patio, and of cause take the time to enjoy the deep flavor of good mocca!

In our coffee shop we also serve – besides coffee in all forms – tea from our own import, good wines, juices beer and soft drinks, simple meals homemade and local goodies for your sweet tooth.

Mols Kafferisteri is a little roasting house where we emphasize the importance of getting the best out of the coffee beans. All of our coffees are selected because we like the aroma and the taste. We continuously adventure out and hunt for new, good types of coffee. We roast several times a week and can always offer a cup of fresh mocha! Drop by and come into the roasting house. Grab a cup of coffee in our cosy coffee bar or buy good beans to take home.