Bjerre Arrest

Bjerre Arrest was built in 1846 - as a prison and court house (a building where a trial is being held).

Søren Bundgård was the last prisoner who was executed from the arrest. He was accused of murder on a 15-year-old girl; He refused, but trusted himself to a "co-prisoner" who the police filed. He was sentenced and in 1858 driven a horse-drawn carriage to the Galgebakken on Bjerrelide to be hanged. Along the way he shouted to the attendees: "Do not worry, nothing will happen until I arrive."

The last prisoners left the arrest in 1956, after which the defense had the building from 1980 to 1981. Local citizens have bought the arrest in 2015 and have visions of establishing a museum and a B & B in the protected building.

Arranged exhibitions occur, look in the VisitJuelsminde calendar or on the Bjerre Arrest facebook page.

The tour takes around 1 hour and tells about

- Architecture and history of the building

- Ownership of the building

- Bjerre judiciary

- The inmates.

- The building today.

- The future of the building

Requests for a tour of Bjerre Arrest can be directed to Jan Simris on mail or mobile: +45 42337637.