Ree Park, Park District in the Aarhusregion, Denmark

The world of animals

Get a close look at the animals in the Aarhus region, where there is room for the animals to live under the best conditions.

Meet the Sharks and Other Marine Animals

Face your fears at the aquarium Kattegatcentret in Grenaa when the sharks bare their scary teeth and be sure not to miss having close encounters with the more than 250 fascinating and colourful marine animal species in the centre’s basins.

Wild Animals and Activities at the Safari Park

Ree Park Safari consists of four continents on which the animals have the best possible conditions and surroundings for keeping their authentic and active behaviour. And of course, you will get close to the lions, the cheetahs, the bears and wide variety of other animals.

Polar Bears, Brown Bears and Wolves

At the vast plains of Skandinavisk Dyrepark Wildlife Park, you get to come close to animals from across Scandinavia; spectacular polar bears, brown bears, wolves and so many other animals rooted in the Scandinavian region. And be sure to come watch the zookeeper feed the predators.

Otters, Badgers and Underground Caves

At AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark – AQUA Aquarium and Wildlife Centre – near Silkeborg, Denmark’s secret treasures found in nature can be seen along with some of the animals we all know about, but have never actually seen: playful otters, badgers in underground caves and ferocious giant pikes.

Tropical Adventures and Exotic Experiences

And if you are all about unique, exotic experiences, Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo invites you in for a truly tropical adventure in lush, green surroundings with roaring waterfalls and a rich wildlife counting species from five continents.

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