Tinnet krat near Hærvejen

Biking rides

The Aarhus region deserves to be experienced from a bike. On the bike, you will get up close with the nature, feel the breeze on your face and make unforgettable memories on your trip around the region

Get your heart rate up on an outdoor adventure, hiking in the forest or riding your bike.

The association Kulturringen – Culture by Bike presents various options for more than 500 kilometres of bike trails across the entire Aarhus region, which brings you past fascinating cultural attractions and stunning scenery. Go down the hiking trail, Hærvejen – either by bike or on foot – and feel the atmosphere on this historical, Danish pilgrim trail.

Take in the diverse scenery and charming villages along the Himmelbjerg trail in the Lake-Highlands or along Gudenåen’s beautiful barge pulling trail stretching from Randers to Silkeborg.

The unequalled MTB trails in the vast, hilly forests throughout the entire region attract mountain bikers from everywhere. In the forests around Denmark’s outdoor capital, Silkeborg, any MTB cyclist can find a trail just right for her or him. Furthermore, by Hald Ege close to Viborg, technique and balance can be tested on the trail passing through Bækkelund.

The Aarhus region is a hot spot for water lovers, as well. The entire family will love a rare countryside experience canoeing across the Silkeborg lakes.


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