Angling in the Aarhus Region

in the Aarhus Region

Angling in Silkeborg

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Among these is the peninsula of Djursland, famed for its supreme sea-angling along the coastline, from the shore as well as from a boat. With its unique location for a big city, Aarhus is a hot spot for many anglers who come to enjoy the city’s newly established harbour districts, which cater to anglers in every way.

Around Viborg and Randers, you will find fantastic streams and lakes, many of which flow from Denmark’s longest stream, Gudenåen. The Lake-Highland area includes cities such as Silkeborg, Skanderborg and Ry, where you will have ample opportunity to catch large predatory fish such as pikes and zanders in the numerous big lakes around the region.

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Riverfisher in the streams of Skjern Å and Karup Å