Aarhus Universitet

Architecture that makes a difference for people

When it comes to creating quality of life for the masses through architecture, Aarhus and the Aarhus region is an example to follow with the city’s rich blend of classical buildings and modern, innovative high quality architecture with room for everyone.

Over the years, world-renowned and award-winning architects have found inspiration in the area and created buildings of high amenity value - ranging from iconic castles and manor houses, town halls, churches and theatres to modern structures shaped as icebergs,

An art house with a rainbow on top, the world’s largest seawater harbour bath and a library of the future (The New York Times) with a cornucopia of spaces and functions for every generation.

And that is far from all: You can go on an architectonic time travel from the majestic cathedral Viborg Domkirke soaring 42 metres up into the air to the modern Moesgaard Museum which has been built into the hills just South of Aarhus.