Shopping i Latinerkvarteret i Aarhus

Shopping and Big City Life

The cities of the Aarhus region is an open invitation for great shopping trips all year round – no matter if you prefer a big city shopping spree in Aarhus or a stroll through the small market towns that are characteristic of the region, as well.

Time for Shopping

Aarhus asks you in

Go shopping in Aarhus and take a stroll through the old Latin Quarter, where you will find a great number of small shops and galleries interspersed with cosy cafés. You can also visit the Frederiksbjerg Quarter, where you will find lots of galleries and specialty shops, as well.

Look for the latest trends in Danish and international design at the Salling or Magasin department stores, in Paustian or Bruuns Galleri shopping centre. Take a shopping break at the Salling ROOFTOP café and enjoy a delicious lunch and the spectacular panoramic view of Aarhus.

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City Life in the Aarhus Region

Experience the historical market towns.

Large cities as well as small, cosy towns and market towns are scattered across the region. Here, you will experience beautiful, historical surroundings, which is the framework of vibrant and modern life in the region with interesting artistic and cultural experiences, shopping and tempting samples from local food manufacturers. A welcoming and informal atmosphere is felt in every town and city, which invites you to explore the famed Danish quality of life and hygge.

Get a Sense of Denmark in Historical Times in Viborg and Randers

Did you know that the oldest pedestrian street in Denmark is found in the Aarhus region? More specifically, in Houmeden in Randers, and this is an absolute must see on your day of shopping in the area.

Randers by Gudenåen and Randers inlet dates back to medieval times, and here, you feel the intense presence of history when walking down the many old streets, narrow passages and well-kept half-timbered houses. Randers is also home to Denmark’s oldest pedestrian street, Houmeden, and the entire heart of Randers is filled with little, cosy shops and interesting shopping venues.

While Viborg is one of Denmark’s oldest cities, it is also a pleasantly contemporary shopping destination. Viborg is located close to the historical trail, Hærvejen, in one of Jutland’s most beautiful landscapes. The city invites you in for a day of exploration in the cosy streets and the breathtaking Viborg Cathedral, all telling the tales of times past. Make the most of it by taking part in the historical city walks hosted by Viborg Museum.

Idyllic Coastal Cities

Coast and beach near Ebeltoft at Djursland

Idyllic Coastal Cities

Shopping in Ebeltoft at the peninsula of Djursland is an experience out of the ordinary, which will allow you to really take in the lovely atmosphere. Here, the cobbled streets wind their way through the charming city, and on either side, nice shops with local designs and freshly made delicatessen are available as pearls on a string.

The town square and the historical city hall form the heart of Ebeltoft, and both locations are often used as venues for various activities and events. When you walk along the beach, the city’s spectacular location by Ebeltoft Bay lets you have a beautiful view of Mols Bjerge, and by the waterfront, you will find the famous battleship, Fregatten Jylland, not far from the internationally renowned glass art museum, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft.

Grenaa is the largest city at the peninsula of Djursland, and its history as a market town dates all the way back to 1145. Trade has always been the backbone of Grenaa, which today has as many as three pedestrian shopping streets, that all meet at the town square, Torvet. You will find all sorts of specialty shops, and when you need a break from shopping, nice cafés and restaurants are all around the city, where you can have hot and cold drinks and delicious meals.

Contemporary City Life – in the Midst of Nature

Luna Guld og Sølv i Skanderborg

Contemporary City Life – in the Midst of Nature

Merely a half an hour drive from Aarhus, you will find Skanderborg, Ry and Silkeborg situated in the beautiful Lake-Highlands. The three cities are all accessible by train from Aarhus, and they are connected by Gudenåen and surrounded by lakes, forest and hills – simply one of Denmark’s most spectacular landscapes.

All three of these places are contemporary cities offering great shopping opportunities, countless exciting activities within art and culture and numerous historical attractions. And furthermore, the cities are unique starting points for outdoor activities and adventures in their magnificent surroundings.

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