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What to do and see

in the Aarhus Region

Shopping i Latinerkvarteret i Aarhus

Discover the greatest places to visit in the Aarhus Region

What should you see and do in the Aarhus region?

Take a look at this site and be inspired to your stay.

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, is the centre of the region. The city is bursting with experiences in culture, shopping and food and is characterised by unique and intimate environments, which are loved by locals and guests alike.

Are you into nature or culture?

or maybe both?


Have a citybreak in Aarhus, second biggest city in Denmark and a city full of spectacular attractions.

Into the nature

A cool breeze blowing through your hair, the smell of heather, birds singing and nothing but captivating scenery as far as the eye can see.

Zentrum für Erlebnisse, Freude und Lebensqualität

Cultural highlights

When you are looking for cultural experiences, the Aarhus region is a perfect place to start. Here, you will find world-class museums ranging from natural history and art to vikings and regional history. You will also find a national park and the ancient road - both created in the Ice Age.

Action & Speed

Try Denmark's biggest rollercoasters, a 40 meters free fall, speeding in a gokart or try the longest water slide in Denmark. The are lots of experiences for dare devils - both young and old.

The world of animals

Get a close look at the animals in the Aarhus region, where there is room for the animals to live under the best conditions.

Where to eat?

Danish, French or Fish ... find your restaurant in the Aarhus Region.

Where to eat?

Photo: Restaurant Ombord, RAISFOTO

"Hyggelige" - Cosy towns

In the Aarhus region you will find cosy (hyggelige) and relaxed towns with charming streets and intimate places to shop and rest your feet, which invites you to unforgettable holidays with friends and family.

Event highlights

See some of the biggest events in the Aarhus region right here. There is something for everyone in the diverse program. Are you into science fiction, classic cars, music festivals or vikings? Or something completely different? Get excited for wonderful experiences in the Aarhus region.

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