Hjejlen og Himmelbjerget ved Silkeborgsøerne

Lake District

Have a bath in Almindsø - Lake District in the Aarhus region

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In the middle of the Lake District's friendly landscape with lakes, hills and bright beech forests, the 'Sky Mountain' beckons you to "climb" it and go on an adventure.

Top attractions in the Lake District

In the Danish Lake District you will find lots of activities, but you can also experience renown attractions and big events in the area. You can participate in the famous Smukfest and Riverboat Jazz Festival, visit museums like Museum Jorn, Øm Kloster Museum and much more.

Top nature spots in the Lake District

Denmark's most beautiful nature - probably! The Lake District has lakes, hills and rivers -  and a terrain that makes it known as one of the most beautiful nature areas in Denmark - for hiking, sailing, fishing, biking and everything else you can imagine, that is in the nature's spirit.

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Sailing, fishing, biking, hiking and attractions

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