Clausholm Slot i Favrskov


The municipality of Favrskov is located right in the heart of the Aarhus region – a haven with an endless list of possibilities and activities, scenic nature everywhere you look, cosy little attractions and its very own castle.

Spectacular scenery as far as the eye can see!

When visiting the beautiful countryside in Favrskov, you will stumble upon protected burial mounds dating back to the Stone Age, walk along pretty brooks and through the protected Alling Ådal river valley with moors and lakes which are home to many different species of animals and plants. There are woodlands, pastures and vast open spaces for agriculture – not to mention a romantic baroque castle dating back from the 12th century, Clausholm Slot.

Gudenådalen river valley passes through Favrskov near Ulstrup just as Granslev Ådal river valley, which was created during the ice age and is clearly characterised by this period in its scenery.

So, whether you are on foot, on your bike or in your car, you are never far from a creek or a forest – nor from countless other great experiences in Favrskov.

Skønne landsbyer præger miljøet i Favrskov

The Heart Lake in Favrskov

Go by the narrow and windy roads and experience the beautiful scenery along with the numerous small villages in Favrskov. The largest cities in Favrskov are Hammel, Hadsten and Hinnerup which all have great infrastructure and very nice shopping areas.

When Passing Through Favrskov

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