Anholt Færgefart

Be Sure to have Time to Plan Your Holiday

How do I get to Anholt, where can I stay and what should I do while I am there? 

Plan your trip – find the ferry leaving from Grenaa to Anholt, book accommodation beforehand and acquaint yourself with Anholt – then you are sure to have an amazing time there. 

Plan your Trip

*Important: Be aware that accommodation AND ferry tickets must be booked prior to your trip to Anholt.

The ferry to Anholt leaves from Grenaa. The crossing lasts app. 3 hours (2 hours and 45 min. to 3 hours). 

NB: Remember to book accommodation for at least one night, as there is no return ferry on the same day. 

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Your options are renting a summer cottage, camping or staying at a hostel, an inn or a B&B. 

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Yes, you can bring your car to Anholt. However, be aware that the ferry only takes two cars at a time, which means that very often it is fully booked, so remember to book your tickets well in advance. 

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Once you are There

*Important: Be aware that Anholt is a small island with a rich wildlife. Always remember to show consideration for the animals as well as the beautiful scenery. 

We recommend that you bring your bike, otherwise, bike and golf cart rental is available on the island. Hiring a taxi is also a possibility, just as you can have your luggage brought between the ferry and the place you are staying at. 

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Unfortunately not. Rental bikes cannot be used on the beach or in the desert, as they will be damaged. However, walking there is a lovely experience, and you can make a day of it. It is a 3 hour walk each way, and do not forget supplies for the day. 

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Anholt is a great destination all year round, but most events take place during the summer season. 

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Car rental is not available, but you can rent a golf cart that is a convenient means of transportation around the island. They are allowed on all roads, but not off-road, on the beach or in the desert, which is a protected area. 

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